Pick-up Service


We pick the bikes up for you and you can continue on your journey without any inconvenience.

We offer a pick-up service to collect your bikes from the Passau railway station (bikes hired at Regensburg), or, if you want to continue your trip (from the Passau hire outlet) further, from all hotels and B&Bs along the cycle route from Passau to Vienna.

Please let us know the name and address (incl. telephone number) of your hotel in Vienna or of a different hotel along the Danube before you start your trip or on the reservation form here on our website. You can then leave the bikes there and we shall collect them, stating you name.

Please note in this connection that the name (and full address) of the person/team leader on our reservation/rental agreement form must be identical to the name of the person/team leader in the hotel that you will check into. Should you not know the hotel address before the start of the rental period, you will need to advise the precise details of the hotel and the name under which you checked in 1 day before departure.

Furthermore, the pick-up address as stated by you is binding and is to be verified at departure with a reservation confirmation. Any change after departure is not possible. Should you not adhere to this specification, we reserve the right to deduct from the deposit held the additional costs thereby incurred, or to retain the deposit in full.

To allow us to offer you this cost-effective service, we require your assistance, because the rental agreement will not end until the bikes are back in our possession. Please also note that bikes can only be picked up from hotels and B&Bs.

Collection from private residences or apartments is not possible. Please note the following list: No-Go-Hotels.pdf

Pick-up service

Pick-up from our hire outlet in Passau

per BIKE 39,00 €
pER TRAILER 39,00 €

Pick-up from Vienna or another location along the Danube*:

pER BIKE from Vienna 79,00 €
per TRAILER from Vienna 79,00 €

*  if you want to continue on to Vienna, you need a second reservation at:
These special prices are only valid in conjunction with a hire bike, which was hired from us and is also picked up by us.

For information: 1 child/cargo/dog trailer takes up as much space as 2 bikes. We want to support families by offering these special prices.

Prices for transferring people and their bikes from Passau or to Passau can only be deter-mined once the number of people (at least 5) and the collection/destination points are known.

Please note that customers need to arrange their own return transfer in the period from
16 October to 14 April.